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Anne Neely

PHOTO: Christine Chilcott


In Maine, my day is bookended by looking out at the sea from the porch both in the morning and again late afternoon. My favorite view is a distant opening between Roque and Mark Islands. In that opening there is a thin line that changes its definition especially in the early morning hour and just as late afternoon becomes evening. I call that spot Portugal because there is nothing but the Atlantic beyond it.

I have studied this view for over 30 years and I can say each morning is uniquely different from the evening — in its softness or distinctness, in its luminosity and dimness. It’s as if the span of the day transformed the view from its first look. The line of the horizon begs to be seen separately in the morning but disintegrates into the sea or the sky. There is always the movement of the water — waves responding to the current. Towards evening the air is either moving towards a crisp clarity or a consuming fog. Often multiple colors bruise the horizon obscuring the line to a vague blur. Even as I look, colors range from pale blue to light pink and blend so subtly that it’s hard to distinguish between what I am seeing and what I think I am seeing. The mind plays tricks, but then how could we imagine if it didn’t. Here, within the presence of this place, ideas for paintings are born.

Anne Neely
August 2022

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